How to lengthen the penis at home?

Small penis size is perhaps the most complex thing among men all over the world. Statistics confirm the fact that most men are not even satisfied with the size of the reproductive organs, which are influenced by stereotypes and judgments. In fact, it is necessary to decide how to lengthen the penis only after the doctor's decision that the man really has such a problem.

In medical practice, the problem of small size has a clear designation - a micropenis, which is facilitated by certain pathologies and abnormalities in the body. Such problems can be handled in both conservative and radical ways. If the problem is not critical, it is permissible to use "saving methods" - these are extension nozzles on the penis, special gels and ointments, massage or exercises, folk remedies and medicines.

Is it possible to renew a member?

Today, problems with a small penis size noted by medical specialists are not uncommon even among young and sexually active men.

Woman measuring a man's penis

In this regard, many are interested in the question of whether it is possible to lengthen the penis, as well as how effective and safe the chosen method is. The specialist first conducts a complete examination of the patient to prevent internal pathologies and genetic disorders that can cause micropenis problems.

Expert opinion!Self-diagnosis of a small penis is stupid and nonsensical. First of all, a man needs to determine normal indicators, then take into account factors such as heredity and genetics, a man's age and body composition, as well as national characteristics.

If we talk about conservative methods, all of them can guarantee a small result, but in a natural and safe way without consequences and side effects. This includes the following methods:

  • use of special condoms (temporary effect);
  • use of nozzles (also temporary effect);
  • exercise and massage (cumulative effect);
  • therapy with ointments and creams;
  • drug therapy (prescribed only by a doctor);
  • prescriptions and traditional medicine.

To speed up the process of change, as well as to achieve the maximum effect, you can apply several methods at once in one complex, but only with the approval of a urologist or andrologist. In the end, the maximum increase in the sexual organs can be +5 cm.

How to enlarge a man's penis at home?

The first thing that men are most interested in is how to lengthen the penis at home. This is explained by the fact that many men, due to the subtlety of the problem, do not dare to visit a doctor. In this case, it is permissible to use sparing techniques, but only strictly according to the instructions and indications. It can be a special device that gives a one-time, but stable effect, or it can be a tool that is used for a long time.

Special condom

The most common way that allows you to get a quick and effective effect is a condom that lengthens the penis. Such devices are widespread in Europe, you can buy them in specialized stores or via the Internet. Often, manufacturers equip such condoms with special spikes to increase the sensation of sexual intercourse.

Barbed condom that enlarges the penis during sex

This technique promises about an additional 2-3 centimeters to the total size of the penis, but you can only use this contraceptive once. Experts note that this technique is the most hygienic when compared to other nozzles and devices. Condoms can be used daily and even several times a day, while nozzles need a break.

Nozzles and other accessories

The number of various nozzles for temporary, but still safe and effective penis enlargement is increasing every day. Each type is aimed at eliminating a specific problem, namely:

  • expanding nozzles;
  • elongated;
  • to stimulate the clitoris and vagina;
  • with vibrator;
  • open and closed types.

Much depends on the preferences of the man himself, as well as his goals. An enlarged silicone nozzle will allow a man to add a few extra centimeters to his size, and different reliefs help to give a woman maximum pleasure. Thick-walled and thick-walled caps add volume to the penis, promising firmer and brighter penetration.

Extend the nozzle - a temporary way to increase the penis

There are also erection rings that help men maintain an erect state for as long as possible, and therefore prolong sexual intercourse. The ring is placed at the base, it compresses the penis, preventing blood from leaving the cavernous body of the penis. The extending nozzle allows you to instantly add 2-5 cm to your size, and the special relief and additional elements provide stimulation of the female genitalia.

As reference!Among the large number of nozzles and devices that can quickly solve the problem of insufficient penis size, experts highlight two products. This is a nozzle that adds 3. 5 cm in diameter and 4. 5 cm in length. It is also a cyberskin nozzle with a built-in vibrator, guaranteeing an increase of up to 5 cm in penis length and 1. 5 cm in penis. thickness. The only negative of the device is how much the nozzle costs.

Massage and exercise

With the help of physical impact on the genitals, a man can establish the natural processes that are responsible for the blood supply to the penis and the extensibility of the cavernous body. The most effective and useful techniques are massage and special exercises, thanks to them, after a few days, you can get an increase of 1-2 cm, but the most important advantage of this technique is that the effect will last a long time .

The guy surprised the girl with the size of his penis after massage

Do the massage in the following way:

  1. Stretch the penis in a relaxed state. To do this, you need to stretch the penis with your hands in different directions, but gently without discomfort.
  2. Jelqing is a physical exercise that requires stretching the penis with hand movements such as milking. Such exercises should be carried out strictly in a semi-erect state of the penis.
  3. Circular massage, which will help establish a normal blood supply to the reproductive organs.
  4. Grasping massage - the penis is grasped tightly with the fingers, and when an erection appears, the man needs to hold the handle at the base for a while. This will lead to blood retention in the cavernous bodies, they in turn stretch slightly, thereby increasing the penis size naturally.

At the same time, you need to understand that improper massage is a traumatic procedure, so it is important not to overdo it with an impact on the genitals.In advance, it is better to watch training videos on the Internet, where massages and exercises are performed by a specialist.

Creams and ointments

Topical application of drugs for penis enlargement is a common technique that does not promise serious side effects in men, but only quick effects and ease of use.

Creams and ointments act quickly, are easily absorbed, do not leave stains on clothes, do not affect other functions and hormonal levels, and most importantly, they can be used discreetly.

The following names are included in the top ranking of the best creams and ointments:

  1. The gel with extracts of Thistle, Peruvian Maca, Goryanka and Lichen helps to achieve maximum erection quickly, and also receives constant use for a cumulative effect.
  2. Synthetic dietary supplement with chili extract to improve erection, for this cream should be applied 2 times a day.
  3. Cream based on the male monocomponent RKK - to get a cumulative effect, you need to use the product for at least 3 months.
  4. Gel based on extracts of ginger and gold root, active arginine and pectin is a useful tool for potency, increasing the size of the organ during erection by stimulating and stretching the cavernous body.
  5. Products with protein, amino acids and collagen complexes - you need to apply twice a day for a cumulative effect, and the herbal composition guarantees the absence of side effects.
  6. Cream with muira puama, horse chestnut and barberry - is responsible for a long and lasting erection, you need to apply the cream 2 times a day.
  7. Cream with bear bile, musk deer musk, Siberian broom and phellodendron berries. With the help of such a device, the production of testosterone increases, and the cream even helps to straighten the shape of the penis with deformation.
  8. French drug with a cumulative effect, which needs to be used for 1. 5-2 months to increase the size of the reproductive organs.

The composition of the topical agent includes components of plant origin that stimulate blood flow, expansion of cavernous bodies, and also prolong the erectile state.


With the help of drugs, you can cope with any deviations from the norm in the body and disorders, including the problem of a small penis size. It is important to visit a doctor so that he prescribes a certain drug and its regimen.

Thanks to such drugs, vasodilation occurs in the penile tissue, blood flow, blood supply to the capillaries of the cavernous body increases. The principle of action of tablets and topical preparations is similar, but the tablets guarantee a long and stable effect. At the same time, they can only be used for their intended purpose and instructions.

folk recipe

Folk remedies are effective and specialist techniques that allow you to solve many health problems in a safe and gentle way. It is possible to increase the reproductive organs at home with the help of non-traditional recipes, but only if a unified approach and adherence to the rules for using funds are possible. Today, the following recipes are recognized as the most effective:

  1. Take 100 grams. thyme herbs, brewed in boiling water and infused for several hours, after which they drink half a glass before breakfast and dinner regularly for 4 months.
  2. With the help of a knife or mortar, 200 grams of garlic are crushed, 200 grams of alcohol are added there. For 10 days, the tincture is stored in a dry, dark place, shaking regularly. After that, the filtered agent is taken 25 drops for 3 months.
  3. In cold water, stir a teaspoon of wormwood seeds, boil for 10 minutes, then strain, cool and drink half a glass 3 times a day.

Also, ginseng, ginger, eleutherococcus, hawthorn, Ginkgo Biloba can be distinguished from plants that are effective for penis enlargement.Another well-known technique is penis enlargement with baking soda. To do this, after a bath or shower, the penis should be lubricated with vegetable oil, after which a small amount of soda is applied, the massage is carried out in circular motions with a sponge.

Penile enlargement surgery methods for men

Surgical technique is appropriate only if conservative techniques are ineffective and cannot eliminate the prerequisites and pathologies that led to penile underdevelopment. Indications for surgery may be the diagnosis from the following doctor:

  1. Micropenis due to deficiency of pituitary hormones.
  2. Defects or anomalies in penile development, for example, cavernous body fibrosis, trauma, hypo and penile epispadias.
  3. Involution of the reproductive organs against the background of obesity, reduced elasticity of tissues or tone of the muscular system.
Stages of penis enlargement surgery

When choosing a method of surgery, the doctor takes into account the indications and individual characteristics of the patient's body. Ligamenotomy is most often used, which is an operation to stretch the penis 2-6 cm. Another technique is lipofilling, which is thickening of the penis or just the head with adipose tissue transplant. Phalloprosthetics surgery or "Perovic" surgery is also practiced (separation of the cavernous head and body, in which cartilage tissue is implanted).

How much does the operation cost?

Surgical intervention is an extreme decision of a specialist, taken when there are no effective alternative methods. In addition to the operation itself, the doctor must appoint a psychologist for the patient. In addition, penis enlargement surgery for men will cost a lot of money.

Prices are influenced by the country and city in which the clinic is located, its image and qualifications of specialists, as well as the type of operation, equipment and other subtleties.


Penis enlargement should not become an obsession for a man, otherwise, even after the end of effective therapy, he will not be satisfied with the new size. Most often, alternative and conservative methods are practiced, whether it be the use of nozzles, massage or medication. In parallel with this, you can use traditional medicinal recipes. Surgery is a last resort when none of the available techniques have proven effective.